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Why God’s People Sing – John Bell

4th November
Friday 4th (early evening) through to Sunday 6th (lunchtime)
John Bell

The song of the Church is common property. It is a public phenomenon in which everyone is invited to participate.

But why do we sing? Is it only to praise God? Might it be also to lament, or to educate ourselves, or to develop our faith? These and other good reasons for singing will be explored in this retreat which is as much for the musically naïve as the musically gifted. We will be sharing songs from our own shores and from throughout the world.

Saturday 5th November in the evening, Heart Music will lead a ‘Wild Goose Service’ from 7.30pm – 8.30pm led by Revd. Mark Ruddall

John Bell
 John Lamberton Bell (born 1949) is a Scottish hymn-writer and Church of Scotland minister. He is a member of the Iona Community, a broadcaster, and former student activist. He works throughout the world, lecturing in theological colleges in the UK, Canada and the United States, but is primarily concerned with the renewal of congregational worship at the grass roots level.

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Led by

John Bell


Friday 4th November to Sunday 6th November


Residential - £250 Non-Residential - £125 (lunch and dinner included)

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