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Mindful or Mind Full?

3rd October
Stormy and calm

Workshops are on 26th September & 3rd October. 7pm to 9pm

A two-part practical workshop, using mindfulness and meditation to reduce and combat stress in our lives. 

Modern life is stressful, we live in a stressful culture. This workshop will provide some simple exercises; observing breathing, walking, speaking and meditation to help us to feel awake, aware and present. Boost our well-being and compassion for self and others. Suitable for all.

Take a moment to be a human being, not a human doing!

About The Leader:
Suzette Jones (RN) is a lifelong Christian meditator and Mindfulness teacher for over ten years, Suzette facilitates sessions which are open to all regardless of faith or none.

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Led by

Suzette Jones


Workshops last 2 hours


£10 for one session (including coffee)

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