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Christian Book Group

2nd December
7.45pm - 9.30pm

The final book of the year is Saint Augustine’s famous work “Confessions“.

Many scholars consider Saint Augustine to be among the greatest and most influential fathers of the early church. And as you read his Confessions, you will find the confident humility that is common among those whom Jesus calls “great in the kingdom of heaven.” Augustine writes as a common man, and so his words span time and tradition.

You’ll enjoy the group more if you’ve read the book in advance. Confessions is available to borrow from Surrey Libraries.

The Book Group

Our book group is led by volunteers who select texts for reading and light discussion. It’s a friendly and informal group of Christians from different backgrounds, each bringing their own perspective on the books. Refreshments are provided.

Why not read one of the books and join us for a friendly discussion?


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Led by

Giles Hutchison


90 mins


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