Quiet Day – the Lord’s Prayer
23rd January
10am – 4pm with Holy Communion at midday.
Mindfulness Course
An opportunity to experience the Lord’s Prayer in new ways, to explore it as a means of deepening relationship – with God, with others, and with...
Mindfulness Course follow-on
23rd January
7 – 8pm
Mindfulness Follow on Course
1 of 3 follow-on sessions for those who attended the Mindfulness Course 1 (with Suzette Jones from 8 September to 25 October 2016) or any other...
2,000 Years of Christian Song
28th January
10am - 4pm.
2000 Years of Christian Song
Celebrate 2,000 years of Christian Song. A one-day workshop learning simple Christian music.
Prayer Ministry Course
17th February
Friday arrivals from 1pm for a 2pm start – Sunday 2pm
Mindfulness Course
Take time out from the busyness of life to draw near to Jesus and experience more of the freedom, healing, forgiveness and victory that He offers.
Quiet Day – Listening to our Body
20th February
10am – 4pm with Holy Communion at midday.
Quiet Monday
An opportunity to explore our relationship with our body, the temple of the Lord. Learning to listen to and love our body as a means of furthering...
Quiet Day
23rd February
9am – 4.30pm
Quiet Monday
To book a place, please contact Premier Radio. Email: www.premier.org.uk/Events